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Plastic Fischer, a pioneering environmental organization, is on a mission to prevent plastic pollution from reaching our oceans by intercepting it in rivers.


Based out of Germany and operating in some of the most polluted areas of India and Indonesia, Plastic Fischer not only focuses on cleaning up river plastic but also creates holistic social and environmental impacts


By providing full-time employment to local communities, they offer reliable end-to-end waste management services, embodying a unique approach that combines local action with global environmental goals. Their innovative solutions and dedication to sustainability have established them as a key player in the fight against oceanic plastic pollution, making a significant difference one river at a time.

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For Plastic Fischer, our team initiated a comprehensive content creation endeavor, capturing their environmental efforts through engaging videos and photographs.


Our work included producing a compelling 7-episode documentary that showcased their projects in Kanpur, India, from river clean-ups to the implementation of waste management solutions for the community.


In addition to the documentary, we crafted captivating social media reels, collaborating directly with Plastic Fischer's site managers to gather essential content that supports our strategic online presence management. We also developed a content library for organizations financially backing Plastic Fischer, enabling effective communication of their support and impact.




This strategic approach to content significantly enhanced Plastic Fischer's social media presence, surpassing 10K followers in less than six months, doubling engagement rates, and increasing visibility among both business and consumer audiences.


The heightened online profile not only brought their critical environmental work to the forefront but also attracted increased support from B2C and B2B, fostering the expansion and impact of their initiatives.


Karsten Hirsch

CEO / Founder

“I have been working with Chris and Helena for more than 2 years and can only recommend their professional work. Chris shot and edited photos and videos for my company and Helena managed our successful Crowdfunding Campaign and social media presence. Both are very kind people that really know what they are doing. You will get expertise, quick replies and excellent results. Check out our website and videos if you want to see the outcomes (”


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